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512, 2016

High Minded

A Cable Counties Short - featuring Blue My name is Sara Tableau. I’m many things, among them I’m an Agent for the Cable Department of Law Enforcement. The Cable Counties are a long belted stretch [...]

2111, 2016

Country Dessert

A Living In The Country – Cable Native Exclusive Thank you Cable Natives for helping me launch Bug Trouble, the third installment in the Cable Counties Thriller series. Hopefully you are enjoying reading about Cloud, [...]

1411, 2016

Bug Trouble Launch

A Cable Native Exclusive Bug Trouble, the third installment in the Cable Counties Thriller series, is now available at www.Amazon.com. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you enjoy.

811, 2016

Cooler Caper

A Just The Other Day… Short My wife burst into the house, teary eyed. “Somebody stole your cooler.” She’d borrowed my truck to take a large box across town to her parents’ home. Most country-boys [...]

411, 2016

Bug Trouble Cover

A Cable Native Exclusive          A few weeks ago I attempted to send the Cable Natives cover choices. The post did not work and several of you made me aware of the fact that the cover [...]

2410, 2016

Gator Grit Lit

Gator Grit Lit A Just The Other Day Short – Cable Native Exclusive Just the other day a wonderful woman, Dr. Peggy Macdonald, a contributing writer for Our Town magazine, called and said she’d like [...]

1010, 2016

The Boiled Peanut Debate

A Tales of Cable County Short - featuring Ballerini, Earl & Bean A most wonderful event happens every year in the Cable Counties. I reckon that’s not exactly accurate. This seasonal wonder happens all over [...]

310, 2016

Tough People

  Just the other day… short Just the other day I was reminded how much I love and admire tough people. I don’t mean the John Wayne, Jack Reacher, Dirty Harry types… although I do [...]

2609, 2016

My Favorite Day

   Living In The Country Short When I was growing up, on the farm, my favorite day of the whole year wasn’t my birthday, wasn’t Christmas or New Year’s… It was the first day of [...]

1909, 2016

Bug Trouble Covers

Cable Native Exclusive I’ve been looking forward to doing this kind of post from before I even started the blog. I’m a fan of several like-type writers and a few of them send out sample [...]

1209, 2016

Political Signs

Tales of Cable County Short - Featuring Blue I could see the smoke as I rounded the after-season peanut field. A dirt two-track road lead up to a bonfire openly blazing in the middle of the [...]

509, 2016

Adventures In Imagination

Adventures In Imagination A Just The Other Day… Short   Just the other day, my friend Jan, who's known me most of my adult life, startled me with a question: “Did your parents use corporal [...]


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