Welcome to the newest Grit Lit Thriller series, a five-book adventure featuring Cloud and his less-than-merry band of country cohorts living in the Cable Counties – a tightly woven belt of thirteen central Florida counties that, for more than a hundred years, have pooled their resources to protect themselves from Florida’s Panhandle Yankee tourists and the liberal sinners to the south. If you like Ace Atkins’ Quinn Colson series or C.J. Box’s Joe Picket series, get ready for the next ride!

Five Book Series (So Far!)

With five books completed, the Cable Counties Thriller series has more to come. You’ll go BUCK WILD for book one – and that’s no Absolute Bull. Keep reading and you’ll get in Bug Trouble and beg like a Screaming Jackass for book four. But there’s more, as Unicorn Blood takes you on an unbelievable ride! Ready for more? Of course you are…but what’s coming next…?

Book One: Buck Wild

Less than ten hours after Jeremiah St. Cloud arrives back in Cable, his childhood friend kills the son of an entrenched lumber baron. One lawman rules it an accident, another slams Earl behind bars. The deceased is a well-known meth head. The Sheriff is in the lumber baron’s pocket. And now Earl breaks out of jail and we’ve got ourselves a manhunt – four of ‘em, actually. But who’s hunting who?

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Book Two: Absolute Bull

When a high-value prize bull is found dead in what appears to be a ritualized slaughter, Jeremiah St. Cloud, an idiosyncratic self-appointed law man, hunts the bull killer. What began as a local, rural crime soon takes on national implications. Bent Daleen, an educated fundamentalist zealot, encamped within an abandoned outpost in the backwoods Scrub of central Florida, has weaponized mad cow disease. Cloud uses skills from a dark past to investigate and peel back the layers of an imminent plot to inflict mad cow on the nation’s food supply. When Emma and Blue, members of Cloud’s unusual family, become inextricably entwined…it appears he might be too late.

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Book Three: Bug Trouble

The National Championship Trophy has been stolen from its glass enclosed case within the University of Florida Athletic Department. A wealthy politician calls on Cloud to find it. As he begins to investigate, he uncovers a much more sinister crime running on a parallel track. Harry Wyatt Sullivan has plans for the southern tip of Florida, and he’s willing to risk the welfare of the entire state to win his wager. The origin of the crimes are in Cable, but this adventure brings Cloud and his trusted friends face to face with the most dangerous man he’s ever encountered in a familiar, yet distant and unwelcoming land.

Book Four: Screaming Jackass

Brag Davis, the crown prince of NASCAR, lost to the wrong people in Vegas, and now he’s missing. In Cable, a foe from the past plans to bottle water from the Fountain of Youth. Throw in a hitman philosopher and Cloud is caught in the middle again…but this time it could prove fatal for his unique family.

Book Five: Unicorn Blood

Amanda Sunny Bargatze, granddaughter of the Bargatze crime family, is snatched in broad daylight the day before she was to graduate college. Levi McClure makes his living hunting and selling women. Cloud’s family is no more, he’s teetering close to the edge…and he couldn’t give a damn. By chance, the rarest blood type on earth is discovered right in the heart of Cable. The clock is ticking and what might be lost could never be replaced.


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