High Minded

A Cable Counties Short - featuring Blue My name is Sara Tableau. I’m many things, among them I’m an Agent for the Cable Department of Law Enforcement. The Cable Counties are a long belted stretch across the neck of Florida, thirteen counties in all, who have banded together for nearly a hundred years to preserve [...]

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Country Dessert

A Living In The Country – Cable Native Exclusive Thank you Cable Natives for helping me launch Bug Trouble, the third installment in the Cable Counties Thriller series. Hopefully you are enjoying reading about Cloud, Emma & Blue, and Earl & Bean as they once again try to tackle a much too big problem. This [...]

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The Boiled Peanut Debate

A Tales of Cable County Short - featuring Ballerini, Earl & Bean A most wonderful event happens every year in the Cable Counties. I reckon that’s not exactly accurate. This seasonal wonder happens all over the southern United States. Peanuts come into bloom and the young green ones are ready for picking late in May. [...]

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Tough People

  Just the other day… short Just the other day I was reminded how much I love and admire tough people. I don’t mean the John Wayne, Jack Reacher, Dirty Harry types… although I do enjoy those characters way too much my wife would say. No, I mean the everyday tough people who go through [...]

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My Favorite Day

   Living In The Country Short When I was growing up, on the farm, my favorite day of the whole year wasn’t my birthday, wasn’t Christmas or New Year’s… It was the first day of school. Every year, no matter my age from zero to seventeen, it was the first day of school. You see, [...]

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Bug Trouble Covers

Cable Native Exclusive I’ve been looking forward to doing this kind of post from before I even started the blog. I’m a fan of several like-type writers and a few of them send out sample covers and ask their tribe which they like best. Now, I’m absolutely thrilled I get to do it. It has [...]

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